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Well, it has been a while!  I have taken some time after my basketball season and really given a long thought on what direction the Pacers may go this off season.  As of right now, the Pacers have five players coming off of the books and creating a ton of cap space.  Jeff Foster, TJ Ford, Mike Dunleavy, Josh McRoberts, and Solomon Jones are all unrestricted free agents this summer.  Foster, Ford, and Dunleavy were the heaviest salaries of the group.

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The NBA trade deadline is usually filled with a lot of talk and not a whole lot of action.  Constant checking of favorite blogs, forums, websites, and social media are the norm for fans that are trying to keep up with the latest and greatest in rumors and actual deals going down.  This year's trade deadline was more of the same, but with a lot more action.  Check out this listing of the trades that went down. 

Follow me after the jump to get my thoughts on the trade deadline frenzy.

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[full story] [comments (70)] 1998, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  IMPEACHED!  In 2010, Brett Favre is fined $50,000 by the NFL for "failure to cooperate" in the investigation of Favre's relationship with Jen Sterger.  To make this matter worse, the NFL was outstandingly slow with their investigation.  This shouldn't set well with anyone, except Brett Favre.

My first thought with this fine and the fact that Favre didn't cooperate in the investigation is, "Why did the NFL wait so long to come up with a punishment?"  If Favre refused to cooperate, then why didn't the NFL step in and fine or suspend him at that point?

This makes the NFL and Commissioner, Roger Goodell, look very foolish and inconsistent.  With the suspensions and fines that Goodell has handed out, this fine should cause a major ripple effect going forward.  James Harrison has been fined $100,000 for hits that he delivered on the field of play this season alone.  Favre is really getting off light in this situation.

With this fine being handed down, I think this puts a final stamp on Favre's career.
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First, before anything else is said, let me congratulate the UConn women's basketball team for winning their 88th game in a row!  That is amazing, I don't care what level of competition you are on.  I don't think I've successfully done anything 88 times in a row.  Maybe 81 or 82 times, but never 88.

With this streak, like all others, there are a lot of things that come packaged with it.  Stress, negative publicity, positive publicity, ups and downs, doom and gloom, and a whole lot of haters.  After the win, Geno went off about how people didn't want to see the women break the record and completely, COMPLETELY overshadowed the record that these young women had set.

Here is a quote from Auriemma (via

"I just know there wouldn't be this many people in the room if we were chasing a woman's record. The reason everybody is having a heart attack the last four or five days is a bunch of women are threatening to break a men's record, and everybody is all up in arms about it."
A couple of things that I take from this quote:

1) It is a woman's record.  Granted, you already had it.  In essence, you are setting a new record every game and have been for a while.  The record you are chasing is not a men's record either.  It is a college record.  The UCLA men have their record.  The UConn women have their record and now college basketball's record.  Congrats on that, be happy!

2) Who cares how many people are in the room and for what reason?  If you haven't figured out by now that some people want you to fail for their personal reasons, then you are in the wrong profession, Geno.  You should have used this opportunity as way to showcase your girls that helped set this record along the way.  You could have also used this time to promote the game itself.  Instead, you used this time to sound like you were a combination of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon rolled into one and you were auditioning for Grumpy Old Men 3: The Grumpiest Old Man

I understand that as a coach, you have that "Don't mess with my kids" mentality and you want to protect them and stick up for them, but this was not the time to do that.  This was the time to promote, praise, and thank them for all of the hard work they have put into this streak.  This isn't a one (wo)man show, but Geno Auriemma turned it into one.

[full story] [comments (45)]'m not really sure how to sum up my feelings after hearing that Dallas Clark is going to be out for the rest of the year.  I guess, this video will help some.  I'm the guy on the left.  Most other fans are on the right.  Which are you?

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In light of the Colts' punter, Pat McAfee, being arrested last night, I wanted to let him know that this Colts' fan is not upset with him at all.  I understand, I have been there.  Auditioning for the remake of one of your favorite 80's movies and the pressure just gets to you.  I GET IT!  Here are a few stills from the movie set of McAfee in his new role of Thornton Melon, from Back to School.  It is going to be hard to replace Rodney Dangerfield though!


Here is Rodney doing what he does best, the Triple Lindy (credit to my brother for remembering this movie!)

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by The GM on October 18 at 1:00PM
Last basketball season, a few idiots that played for the Carmel High School boys basketball team were arrested for "hazing" (assaulting) after they stuck their fingers in orifices that didn't belong to them.  This season Roy Hibbert was the main catalyst for the Pacers' rookies wearing pink backpacks (look at the video section and Pink Backpacks for Rookies) as a bit of a "welcome to the league."  Can these two stories be grouped together as hazing?

In one word, NO.  The fact that someone at Fox59 thought that this story had legs should indicate to Fox that this person should be fired.  If they wanted a piece that they thought would be controversial, then their wish has been granted.

This really is a non-issue, but it is very aggravating to see a major local network take this harmless joke and turn it into something it is not.  You can blame the fact that our society has turned as soft as applesauce on this.

So, I am going to lay out a few graphs for you, the readers, to illustrate where the Pacers' rookies "hazing" lands in the grand scheme of the hazing spectrum:

hazing.jpgAnd for those that still aren't sure if this is hazing, allow me to show you exhibit B:
To me, hazing is much like crying wolf.  If you keep using the term, then it will mean absolutely nothing when there are instances like the Carmel basketball team and there will be no justice.

So, let's leave the pink backpacks out of this ridiculous discussion.

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When Matt Leinart was drafted, I figured he would be a very good NFL QB.  Not the best, but Pro-Bowl potential.  As much as I root for him to succeed, he doesn't make anything look easy.

Until Matt Leinart spends a night in prison with his teammates doing the electric slide to "I Will Survive", he won't make that step up to being a franchise quarterback.

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by The GM on August 23 at 4:30PM I read a rumor that the Rays may try to go for Manny Ramirez if he is put on waivers by the Dodgers, I wondered why nobody has picked up Jermaine Dye for the rest of the season.  Heck, even Carlos Delgado was signed by the Red Sox.

The Rays need a solid bat in their lineup, mostly handling the DH duties, so why not add Dye?  He is a solid veteran hitter and he knows what it takes to win in the post season.

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Now that the Pacers have secured their point guard of the future in Darren Collison, the Pacers have a glaring need at the power forward position.  With the current players on the roster that could fill that spot, there isn't a clear cut choice to be the starter. 

Jeff Foster, Josh McRoberts, Tyler Hansbrough, and Solomon Jones are all possibilities, but who in their right mind feels comfortable with that quartet to choose from?  Not me, that's for sure.  Keep in mind that the Pacers are at the roster max of 15 players right now, which leaves Magnum Rolle, a guy the Pacers want to sign, out in the cold.

Here are two possible trade scenarios that could work out:

Scenario 1

Pacers incoming:
*  Brandon Bass
*  Ryan Anderson

Orlando incoming:
*  Dahntay Jones
*  Josh McRoberts
*  Solomon Jones

This trade works for both teams.  Bass gets an opportunity to play more (which he has stated he wants) and Orlando grabs a solid perimeter defender and two (although small) expiring contracts.  Anderson could play a smaller Troy Murphy role for the Pacers and this trade also opens up a roster spot for Magnum Rolle.

Scenario 2

Pacers incoming:
*  Jason Thompson

Sacramento incoming:
*  Brandon Rush

This trade allows the Kings to decrease the traffic jam in their frontcourt, while the Pacers do the same on the wing.  The money is even and this is really a win-win for both parties.  However, the roster spot for Magnum Rolle is still non-existent.

If either of these trades were pulled off, Pacer fans should/would be thrilled with the possibilities of a playoff run this season.  There is still plenty of time before the season starts and Larry Bird stated that they still had work to be done this Summer, so we shall see.

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